In February 1920 several night pupils of the King Edward Technical College discussed the possibility of forming a soccer club, and at a subsequent meeting in March 1920 the Technical Old Boys Club was started.

The first President was Mr Angus Marshall, the Secretary was Mr Roy Baughen and Mr E Nichol represented the club at the O.F.A..

Other prominent members in the early years included Messrs C Proctor, L Hope, A Culbert, A McFadyen , J Witchalls, F Findlay, J Patton, T Bowie, G Anderson, E Batchelor and R Hector.

Although the club was formed primarily for ex-College pupils and night pupils of the Tech School, it has never been a closed club, and this fact was laid down in the Club Rules which were constituted in 1923.

In 1920 two teams were entered in the O.F.A competition, a third and fourth grade team, and it was not until 1925 that we obtained first grade status, in which year the Club appointed its first Coach, Mr J Grant.

In the beginning, the club colours were black shirt with purple ribbon extending from the shoulder to the hip.

This was altered in 1926 to purple and black vertical stripped jerseys (at 67/6 a dozen) and it was not until 1951 that the present colours of maroon shirt were worn

It is recalled on one occasion when the black and purple stripes were not available, we obtained a set of Northern jerseys and dyed them in Condis Crystals to achieve colour through the whites.

An early annual report states that there was no night training carried out as nearly all players attended night school.

Burt Hall was used in 1922 for training and we were allocated the Oval in the same year for our Home Ground. Training was transferred to the Caledonian in 1933, returning again to the Oval in 1935.

At the annual meeting in 1942 it was decided to go into recess because of the number of players on active service.

With the War over the Club restarted in the 1946 season with Mr A Culbert as President, Mr J Fleming – Club Captain, Mr G Huntly- Secretary and Mr J Witchall- Tresurer.

We were still based at the Oval with no lights and Cold Showers, but made the move back to the Caledonian in 1949.

In the same year we celebrated our 25th Jubilee. This took into account years lost during the recess and was in fact out 29th year.

Chatham Cup runners-up
Southern League Division One South
Southern League Division Two South
Southern Superclub Championship
Southern League Premier Division
Southern League Division One South
Chatham Cup runners-up
Southern League Premier Division
Southern League Division One South
Chatham Cup winners
National Club Championship runners-up
NCC South Island League
Southern League Division One South
Chatham Cup runners-up
South Island Football Championship
South Island Football Championship
Football South Premier League
Football South Premier League
Football South Premier League
Football South Premier Women’s League
Football South Premier Women’s League
Football South Premier Women’s League
Football South Premier Women’s League
Football South Premier Women’s League
Football South Premier Women’s League
NZ Football Foundation Kate Sheppard Cup
League win
Otago University, 2015
League loss
Mosgiel, 1986
Cup win
Invercargill Old Boys, 2012
Cup loss
Dunedin City, 1980
Mosgiel, 1988


1920 – 1925 Angus Marshall
1926 – 1930 W. C. Aldridge
1931 – 1936 T. Scott
1937 – 1947 A. Culbert
1948 – 1950 C. A. Wilson
1951 – 1953 G. S. Huntley
1954 C. A. Wilson
1955 W. Wallace
1956 C. A. Wilson
1957 – 1958 G. L. Thomas
1959 – 1960 T. L. Gillions
1961 – 1962 R. A. Kennedy
1963 – 1964 G. L. Thomas
1965 – 1966 J. A. Boomer
1967 – 1968 R. A. Kennedy
1969 – 1970 L. Henderson
1971 – 1972 A. Gillions
1973 – 1974 A. Crawford
1975 – 1976 D. Connor
1977 – 1978 B. J. Boomer
1979 – 1980 S. G. Haddow
1981 – 1982 J. D. Stenhouse
1983 – 1985 B. L. Johnston
1986 – 1988 R. E. Cameron
1989 – 1990 G. C. Sherburd
1991 R. Dijkstra
1992 – 1993 D. A. Russell
1994 – 1995 R. Dijkstra
1996 – 1997 M. Chidley
1998 – 1999 K. McEwan
2000 – 2003 M. Chidley
2004 R. Munro
2005 – 2006 B. Scoullar
2007 – 2009 S. Dunn
2010 – 2012 C. Johnston
2013 S. Dunn
2014 – 2015 A. Barber
2015 – 2016 A. Whittaker
2017 – A. Douglas

Life Members

C. A. Wilson
R Kennedy
G. S. Huntley
G. L. Thomas
L. Henderson
W. Williams
A. G. Culbert
D. Scott
A. Crawford
B. J. Boomer
D. Connor
J. D. Stenhouse
S. G. Haddow
R. E. Cameron
B. L. Johnston
G. C. Sherburd
M. A. Chidley
D. Russell
R. Dijkstra
W. Lucas
S. Dunn
E. Dijkstra
C. Johnston

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