2019 Registrations

Welcome to Dunedin Technical AFC!

Dunedin Technical Junior Football welcomes existing and new members and their families to the 2019 season. The club is looking forward to another exciting year building on the success of the 2018 season, so on behalf of the club we would like to wish everyone the best of luck and hope you all have a very enjoyable season.

Important change.

For 2019 All players will be required to purchase a playing top (if you don’t already have one, it’s the one with the lion logo).

Dunedin Tech has made significant investment in the ensuring the Club provides the best possible support for our players and coach’s. We are the only Dunedin Football club to provide a Football Developer Officer who’s focus is to ensure players and coach’s get the skill and experience needed to bring out the best in them. We also made a heavy focus on community development programs, providing many local in school Football skills programs over the year. Our coach development program ensures coaches can upskill and work with and deliver the latest programs, for both skills, but also player wellbeing.

We feel investing in these resources offers the players a great opportunity to experience a fun, existing and rewarding football experience across all ages, and keeps the clubs limited resources focused on where they deliver the most overall value and benefit to our players.

What will my child need?

Your child MUST have shin pads (FIFA regulation), boots, maroon socks and white shorts.
For 2019, all players will provide their own playing top, which can be ordered from www.lottosports.co.nz/catalog/playing-apparel-101700.htmx

A mouth guard is an optional piece of safety equipment parents/guardians may wish their child to use.

Please do not feel the pressure to buy the most expensive kit, kids will have just as much fun and play just as well in less expensive gear. We encourage you to look within your family and circle of friends for used kit, and the clubs Facebook page is also a great place to look for kit.


All (new or existing) players MUST register to play football in New Zealand via the via the MyComet website here:


All players that has previously registered (at any club in NZ) will have a MyComet login, however if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it here

Should this password reset not work, please email registrations@nzfootball.co.nz and they will assist (unfortunately we do not have access to reset passwords)

If you have any issues with registration, please check our help page or contact the Dunedin Technical Junior Coordinator at juniors@dunedintechnical.nz who will assist.
Registration must be completed in full, before you will be allocated to a team.

While we anticipate that the majority of registrations will occur online, for some of you may still which to attend one of registration evening, which will be held at the Club on 7th of February (more details to be advised closer to the time).

Playing Kit

All grades (5th to Youth) need a playing top, which includes the new club logo.

The club has a very supportive sponsorship agreement with Lotto, and all Tech kit can be purchased online at: www.lottosports.co.nz/catalog/playing-apparel-101700.htmx

Tech hoodies, and other merchandise are available as an optional purchase, and can be purchased at any time.

All players must have boots, shin guards, maroon socks and white shorts, (the 5th grade (first kicks) do not need boots, but need gym shoes).

A selection of playing tops will be available for you to check sizes at the registration support evening on the 7th Feb 2019.

2019 Playing Fee’s or Subs

Our fees for 2019:

Subs for the 2019 season are:

First Kicks                                          $45.00
6th Grade                                          $60.00
7th – 8th Grade                                 $70.00
9th to 12th                                         $90.00
13th to Youth Grade                        $120.00

Subs are payable at time of registration.

We appreciate for some, there may be challenges in the payment of subs, and it is the club’s desire that every kid gets to play. The club has worked with many community assistant programs and have options available, so please make (in confidence) contact with the Junior Coordinator – juniors@dunedintechnical.nz who will assist in accessing the various options. Over 80% of the subscriptions fee are passed on to local and national bodies and not retained by the club. The majority of the funds needed to run the clubs come from our generous sponsors and via community grants.

First Kicks Note: ensuring a fun first experience to football is imperative, to support this we are pleased to be partnering with another club in the South Dunedin area to deliver a joint indoor first kicks program. An indoor experience means that the little footballer are not being exposed to the inclement Dunedin weather, but rather can enjoy a fun football experience in the warm of an indoor activity, while still gaining valuable skills.

Other Important Information


Midgets to 10th Grade

Children aged 5+ will be placed into a team.

We will make every endeavour to put players into the same teams that they were in last year, but in the next age grade. Any vacancies will then be filled by players new to the club. We try to keep teams together throughout their time in the junior club and therefore we cannot swap teams around according to friendships, however where possible we will attempt to do so. Remember how quickly children can change friends at this age, and anyway, this is a good chance to make new friends.

Grades 11th to Youth (Competitive Grades)

Depending on the number of players registering and to accommodate players having preferred playing positions, teams may be selected by the coaches or trials may need to be held.

There is also representative football available from this level onwards so for anyone aiming for higher honours the club will support you where possible to help you try to achieve your goals.


We are always looking for coaches or assistant coaches. If anyone is interested, please let us know as soon as possible.
 Training is provided for anyone keen on pursuing this path.


We are very concerned that our players learn the concept of ‘Fair play’. When you are on the sideline please support your team in a positive way. Both sides should be praised for both good play and fair play. Young players in particular, need to learn about winning and losing, but more importantly about playing for enjoyment. If everyone on the sideline sets a good example, players will learn to use this on the field.

The club has a Player, and Parent Code of conduct, you are required to read it, and take your players through it as well


Sports Otago have been introducing a Side Behaviour program, which the club supports. We encourage you to read this and apply the principles and guides when on the side-line.


All coaches have had side-line behaviour training and are supported by the club to step in and stop inappropriate side-line behaviour, which may include stopping or cancelling games, until the inappropriate behaviour stops.

Should you experience any side-line issues, please talk to the coach (when appropriate) or feel free to contact the Junior Coordinator – juniors@dunedintechnical.nz

Celebrating our players


Win lose or draw, every game has its highlights, so to celebrated this, each week we host Junior prize giving at the club rooms at 5:15pm. Teams are required to provide a player who they believe has had a great game or demonstrated the drive and passion we so often hear about. The club will choose a team they believe showed the values of the club and the sport during play that day. It’s a great change to mingle with your team mates, talk to others and enjoy a lite refreshment.


We can’t do this without you, the club, coaches and managers do the heavy lifting, all we ask of you, is that you support the coaches and managers, and from time to time, support any fundraising that we do. If you know of, or have any ideas to help to fundraising, or sponsorship, we are always grateful to receive any ideas.

Yours in Football

Nic Mair – Email juniors@dunedintechnical.nz

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